Get Your Free Domain for TeamSpeak 5 or 3 Server

In the last days, I noticed that now supports TeamSpeak 5 and 3 servers. If you don’t have a TeamSpeak domain for your TeamSpeak server yet, I can highly recommend

Did you like your own TeamSpeak domain?

I’ll be happy to explain how to get your domain for your brand new or existing TeamSpeak server. All you need is 5 minutes of your time and everything else I’ll tell you here in this post.’s domains are totally free, easy to configure, always available, and if you ever change your server, the address changes within seconds. has also been around for almost five years, and this makes them one of the oldest TeamSpeak domain services on the market.

Create your free account

To register a domain with, you need a free bitinflow account. With this account, you can create and edit your addresses at any time. For example, if the IP of your TeamSpeak server changes.

All you have to do is create a free bitinflow account for yourself at bitinflow is the company behind, and they also give you support if you have problems with your domain.

After the successful registration, you have to confirm your e-mail address, and then you can log in with your e-mail and your chosen password.

Register your free TeamSpeak domain

After you have registered on, you can register your TeamSpeak domain on the dashboard or the home page. All you need to register is your desired name and the IP address and mail address of your TeamSpeak 5 server.

After you have entered the address of our TeamSpeak server, you can register your domain. The registration goes within seconds. Then you can visit your TeamSpeak server with the domain e.g.,

If the address of your server should change, you can change it at any time. Log in with your bitinflow account, and you can change your server address in the dashboard. Here, too, the change usually takes just a few seconds.

FAQ: Does TeamSpeak 3 run on TeamSpeak 5?

TeamSpeak 3 is also compatible with TeamSpeak 5. So your TeamSpeak 3 server will continue to work on TeamSpeak 5 clients.

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